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Health and safety of products

All the tiles made by Ceramiche Coem are certified CE, the safety mark endorsing their main characteristics:

  • Coem tiles are fire retardant; as a result, they are especially suited for public and private applications involving potentially inflammable substances, such as hospitals, airports, enclosed car parks, stations (A1FL Decree 94/611/CE).
  • Coem manufactures tiles that do not release VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) either during tiling or during use; this means they are a particularly ideal material for applications involving people with respiratory problems or those sensitive to certain chemicals, making them suitable for use in public environments such as hospitals, health clinics, nursing homes or kindergartens.
  • The mechanical resistance of Coem’s full-body porcelain stoneware goes beyond the requisites of ISO 10545-4, so much so that it is also ideal for industrial environments or public spaces subject to heavy wear, such as airports, stations, shopping centres, sports stadiums and hospitals.
  • Coem manufactures full body porcelain stoneware with high resistance to deep abrasion, going beyond the requisites of ISO 10545-6, certifying it is suitable for use in environments subject to high foot traffic, like shopping centres, stations, airports, and hospitals.
  • Many of our tiles are non-slip according to DM 14/06/89 n° 236 par 8.2.2 and play a vital part in overcoming architectural barriers. Therefore, they can also be used for public environments frequented by people with disabilities and mobility problems.

Ceramiche Coem tiles can play a positive role in the design of eco-sustainable architecture and are certified as compliant with the requirements of Leed® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) parameters, given their excellent performance achieved through the use of recycled materials, their excellent performance in terms of solar reflectance, reducing the “heat block” effect (absorption of sunlight which is subsequently released as heat, consequently raising the room temperature), minimising the impact that a building has on the microclimate around it.

At the end of the manufacturing cycle, involving firing at high temperatures (in excess of 1200°), the porcelain stoneware made by Ceramiche Coem contains no traces or any form of organic substance. Its specifications are chemically and physically inert, with a total lack of contaminants released, forming a hard surface that is inert, compact and durable, and the guarantee of conditions that make it easy and effective to clean.

Dust, smells, smoke, germs and pollen are unable to penetrate the surface of our highly vitrified and inert ceramic tiles, which consequently require little maintenance and can be considered a very hygienic product, ideal for environments frequented by people with respiratory problems.

Installation Instructions

We recommend wet cutting or the score and snap method during the installation process. Do not dry cut using power tools during the installation process. Improper installation techniques could expose installer to harmful dust.


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